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About Us

Passionate about bringing you the best gelato North of the Dolomites

We make our gelato in-house every day and always keep the selection fresh and changing slightly each day. We strive for the best gelato and create our own recipes and use only natural ingredients, using fresh or frozen raw materials, not semi-finished products. It has always been important to us to avoid food colouring and other artificial ingredients.

Our principles, skills that we have developed over the years, strong clean flavours, and consistent quality throughout have earned us the trust of some of the best chefs in Estonia, who order gelato for us for catering events or special menus. 

  • Awarded in two categories by international LUXlife Magazine:  Desert Restaurant of the Year 2023 Estonia & Leading Specialists in Italian-Style Gelato 2023 - Estonia

  • Our black sesame gelato was awarded the title Black Dessert of the Year by a jury at Black Food Festival Tallinn in 2022

  • We are among top 10 cafés and top 10 dessert restaurants in Tallinn on Restaurant Guru

  • #1 of 38 Desserts in Tallinn on Tripadvisor

  • We have been making gelato for the best restaurant in Estonia, the only one in Estonia with two Michelin stars: 180 degrees by Matthias Diether. We have worked with the chef to develop several unique flavours just for them that they have used in their menus, the most unique of these being white alba truffle and white chocolate gelato, the collaboration is still ongoing.

  • Developed and launched in collaboration with Babyluv a completely pioneering product, a functional gelato that should help to induce labour should the suitable time in pregnancy arrive but the baby hasn’t. It’s called Toonekurg, inspired by the stork who brings babies.


What we offer

We make fresh Italian-style gelato by hand in Tallinn old town in our café, where we also offer hot drinks and freshly baked waffles and crêpes. Fresh gelato is sold by the scoop and a wide range of other frozen treats like stick gelatos and gelato macroons and gelato sandwiches are available. Pre-packaged tubs of gelato are offered in a wide range of flavours and can be order to your home through delivery services. We make gelato cakes to order and provide gelato catering at events with our gelato cart and other solutions. We are happy to be included in the joyful moments of peoples lives - from an after-school treat for kids to weekend family brunches at our café to birthday celebrations, Christmas dessert tables, weddings and office parties.

We are most passionate about using fresh ingredients of the best quality and according to what is in season. Like for example working with our local Italian fruit vendor, who brings us the most delicious and flavourful fruits like cantaloupe melons and blood oranges from Naples. We love starting from the ingredients and creating our recipes from scratch based on what would make the ingredients shine in the best way. We are constantly developing our recipes as we learn more and refine our skills.


Some of the most popular flavours include classics stracciatella, pistachio and oreo, as well as unique creations like avocado-lime-mint and sea buckthorn. In the summer our Pavlova gelato is very sought-after and highly popular, it is a fior di latte gelato with pieces of meringue and homemade passionfruit and raspberry jams. If you are looking for a signature dish only available at our place here's the scoop - we make a savoury Blue Cheese gelato that we serve alongside our hot sundried tomato and parmesan waffle.

Who we are



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